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Help my dahlia drupes! This dahlia was a knockout just the other day and a fortnight. Now it looks like somebody knocked him out. The leaves and flowers all went drupey. I water it everyday and constantly deadhead. What happened? Please save my dahlia. Thanks

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It looks like the results of a frost, Bathgate.

21 Oct, 2017


Frost usually blackens the foliage but it could be due to that. Never noticed drooping like yours has so I wonder if something is chewing at the roots. lift it carefully and check for any grubs. Do you get Vine weevil over there?

21 Oct, 2017


I do hope someone can come up with a rescue plan :(

21 Oct, 2017


Thanks, we did have a couple chilly nights but I didn't think it went below freezing,but you may be right Tugbrethil. Its season could be over.

SBG we do have grubs in the lawn but no brown patches or any obvious signs of a problem. The mockingbirds & starlings keep them in check.

Thanks Sheila I'd hate to loose this one.

23 Oct, 2017

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