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By Driad

Suffolk, United Kingdom Gb

Will Cineraria over winter ?
Mine look so healthy and strong that I just wondered .



Well you can try. They are actually perennials but keeping them is tricky and are usually grown from seed every year. My mother grew some f once with no problems but didn't overwinter them

25 Oct, 2017


I have a couple in two pots as a central feature with Pelargoniums,Driad..and have had them for three years now..I do trim them back,but the pots are kept under a patio table for winter..or you could take some cuttings and keep frost free ? worth a try ,I think ..

26 Oct, 2017


Thanks , Stera , might as well try . I know that they are grown annually from seed , but they look so "fit" . I'll put them in the greenhouse . It is cold in there but it ought to be better than outside .

26 Oct, 2017


Hi Bloomer , that sounds hopeful . Can but try , nothing to loose !

26 Oct, 2017


Or,you could pot them up to overwinter ,as an alternative Driad..go for it girl..they are tougher than you think :o)

26 Oct, 2017


Thanks Bloomer , I think that I will get them all together , I have about six , they must have been in a pack . When I "winterise" the ancient greenhouse , I'll give them a bit of extra protection .

28 Oct, 2017


They should be fine in your Greenhouse Driad..I think wet is their enemy,rather than the cold..

28 Oct, 2017

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