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I planted a dozen tiny lavender plugs in a pot in August, since then they have grown approximately two more inches and are well established in the pot. What should I do with the pot over winter. They are approximately 3/4 inches in height.



Do you mean that you have planted them in large pot or a dozen small pots? If the former is the case then you really need to re-plant in small, something like 9cm pots. You need to establish plants with a rootball. Over winter in a cool greenhouse, makeshift cold frame or a sheltered spot, even by a garage window but you might need to turn them occasionally. Then, when they have a decent rootball in late spring or early summer you could plant them out.

27 Oct, 2017


I planted them in a large pot, so I will take your advice and repot into smaller ones. Thank you so much.

27 Oct, 2017

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