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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I’m. A bit late with my Senshu onion sets this year having been away for the last 8 weeks but I have them now. But the guy in the shop told me not to forget to tread the ground down very firmly before planting them. Is this necessary ? And is anything else necessary ?



I don't know why he said that, but just plant them as you normally would. Onions grow better in loose fluffy soil.

27 Oct, 2017


Did you ask him why he said you should do that, Hank? Given where you live, was he thinking about hard frost heaving up the ground and planting in firmed down soil lessening the risk, maybe? I can't think why else he might have said that.

27 Oct, 2017


He wrote the following -
“Onions prefer quite a firm soil, which is where a rather eccentric cultivation technique comes into play. Just before planting, shuffle up and down the onion bed, taking baby steps to push down the soil. This necessary step (or rather steps) in the process may raise a few eyebrows but will ensure the crumb structure of the soil is compacted to give the roots the support they need.”
And I inow friends who use this technique.

28 Oct, 2017


Not sure that's a great idea if the soil is heavy clay in a wet area of the country, but on lighter soils, sounds like a plan. How have you grown them before Hank, did you tread the soil down then? If he's a skilled onion grower, I'd follow his advice, frankly... I don't grow onions, so can't speak from personal experience.

28 Oct, 2017


Hello B,
Yes, I grow onions every year, as I eat loads. I had some great results the year before last but not as good last year and I haven’t trodden the soil down before.
my soil used to be heavy but over the years I’ve improved it. Did I tread it down this year ? I went half way - I raked it perfectly level then banged the back of the rake down very hard all over it. The sets went in this morning.

28 Oct, 2017


Well done - I love onions,but unfortunately, in the last year, they don't seem to like me much any more, so I can only eat small amounts. I used to love raw onion in sandwiches, but have to avoid it now. Enjoy yours though!

28 Oct, 2017

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