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Insulating my cold frame. I have planted sweet peas and put them into my cold frame. Am worried that despite it being located against the house against a brick wall it made get too cold for seedlings to survive? Should I line cold frame with bubble wrap or cover it with fleece on cold nights? Any thoughts appreciated.(Photo of my cold frame is on my photo's dated 2015)



Covering with bubble wrap when you know there is going to be a frost sounds like a very good idea to me. Just take it off when it thaws off.

28 Oct, 2017


Hi, just had a look at he photo of your cold frame, it appears to be a double wall poly carbonate glazing, if this is the case, then it shouldn't need any more insulation for sweet peas, they're fully hardy, Derek.

28 Oct, 2017


Thanks Dereck and Feverfew. Any tips on keeping sweet peas going over the winter? Have not grown sweet peas before so any growing tips would be appreciated.

28 Oct, 2017


Hi, in a cold frame they should carry on growing, but very slowly, which is what you want, if you give them any heat, they get leggy, pinch out the tips when they get about 4 leaves on them, to encourage more side shoots, when the soil warms up in spring, you can plant them into a fertile, humous rich, well drained soil, in full sun to light shade, Derek.

28 Oct, 2017


Thank you Derek.

29 Oct, 2017

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