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By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I was given a Canna plant earlier in the year but have been told several ways which I should keep it through the winter, cut it down to a few inches and don't water it, leave it as it is and water it weekly or take it out of it's pot and leave it over the winter, all should be done in the greenhouse ???



My Tropical Gardening book says to wait till the frost blackens the leaves (you don't have to though), then cut the foliage down to about 5 cm, lift, shake off excess soil and leave to dry out on newspaper in a dry, airy place. Then store in old orange boxes filled with dry bark chippings or peat and keep somewhere dry out of the frost.Check occasionally during winter and discard any rotted tubers.

I've never had an empty orange box, so I just used a large container filled with very dry, used potting soil. Either way, its a bit like storing dahlia tubers - keeping them dry is the most important thing so they don't rot, and somewhere they won't freeze.

27 Oct, 2017


Thanks Bamboo very interesting to know .

28 Oct, 2017


Yes I treat them like dahlia tubers. Knock of the old compost allow to dry and then I put them in a large pot and I use sawdust instead of compost but the principle is the same. They then go in the shed.

28 Oct, 2017


Thanks Seaburngirl

29 Oct, 2017

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