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Hello all,new member. I planted a cherry laurel hedge about 2 and a half years ago and one of the plants has been struggling for a while. Think it might have been strimmer damage,as the bark at the base is in a poor way. Anyway,its leaves are turning yellow and dropping off at a rapid rate. It has sent up a sucker at the base with lovely green leaves. Should I remove this sucker or leave it?



Leave it - it sounds like the original topgrowth is dying back because of the damage to the trunk, so its probably best to let the sucker growth take over. Cherry laurels are not grafted onto different root stock, so its not really a sucker, its just a new shoot coming straight off the roots, instead of growth coming from the original topgrowth. If the original topgrowth deteriorates further, it would be best to cut it down to ground level and just leave any new shoots that appear from below ground to grow up in its place.

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29 Oct, 2017


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Bamboo's advice is what I was going to say as I read your question.

29 Oct, 2017


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29 Oct, 2017

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