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First frost this morning! (In north Shropshire) I don't know why but I am excited at seeing the ice on the cars and lawn. As it has been unusually warm I was wondering whether the seasons had been muddled up forever.... Has anyone else had frosts already?



Our first frost this morning too

30 Oct, 2017


don't know as I actually slept in to 8.30. I'm usually up at 6. there is a heavy dew that might well have been frosted. I will inspect the dahlias to check later.
I do like frosts. must dig the winter duvet out.

30 Oct, 2017


I;m in West London - overnight lowest temperature here was 7 deg C, so we didn't quite get a frost, because that only happens at 5 deg C or below, but I certainly noticed it was distinctly chilly and needed the heating on for a while during the evening. It was forecast though - frost in Scotland, North and Midlands at least, but only temporary, I think they said temps would lift again by Wednesday. Course, if you saw the Telegraph on Saturday, they were predicting an 'Arctic cold snap with freezing temperatures'...!

30 Oct, 2017


I had a frost but then that is no surprise as I only live I think a couple of miles from you lol. The last of my summer bedding plants were mush this morning. Was only saying to hubby though, less then 2 months and the days will start to get longer, bright side and all that :-).

30 Oct, 2017


Thanks everybody.
Jenlewis I'm with you on that one - counting down the days until they get longer!

30 Oct, 2017

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