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Quite a few - sorry - I have a hydrangea in a tub, had it al one time, I'm wanting to put it in my raised bed thinking it won't dry out as quickly, is this an ok thing to do - I also have a lovely alstroemeria could I do the same with that & if so should I put it on the shady side or the sunny side Tia



Alstroemeria in sun, or dappled sun - what they don't like is waterlogged soil.

As for the hydrangea, is the raised bed open at the bottom onto soil? And is it large enough to accommodate something that will get 5 x 5 feet in fairly short order, ultimately maybe 8 x 8 feet. Is it a mophead variety?

30 Oct, 2017


Thank you, not sure how deep the raised be goes but it's deeper than the tub it's currently in so hopefully should be ok, it's a normal 'old fashioned' one, technical or what? I also have a late flowering one in the ground, Winn Red - could you give any advice on pruning that please, only been in a couple of years but got some lovely flowers this year.
Thanks again

30 Oct, 2017


If you mean H. paniculata 'Wim's Red' , that is pruned differently. Unlike most Hydrangeas, you can cut them right down and they'll still flower the following year, so take off whatever you need to.

As for the other one you want to put in a raised bed, the reason I asked if its a shallow soil depth is because, if it is, the roots will spread out sideways, not far under the surface, and the plant may still suffer water deprivation in summer - raised beds are drier than open ground. You can always stick a large garden fork or something into the raised bed to see if it goes down below ground level.

30 Oct, 2017


Yes you're right it's Wim's Red, do you mean I can cut it back now? I've checked n the raised bed is based on soil but there's loads of rubble in th bottom, was told it was for drainage n also a way of disposing of paving slabs that had been lifted previously.
Thanks so much for your interest

30 Oct, 2017


So long as your hydrangea is able to put down deeper roots in the raised bed, it should be okay, but make sure there's soil at the bottom of the hole when you plant, that its not completely blocked off by a large paving slab or a solid layer of anything.

Yes, you can cut your Wim's Red back now if you want to - but if the one you want to plant in the raised bed is a macrophylla (mophead or lacecap) bush variety, do not prune that until April, when all you can do is snip off obviously dead bits and spent flowerheads.

30 Oct, 2017


Thanks a lot, I'll do that & look forward to spring!
Thanks again

31 Oct, 2017

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