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Plant id please
Hi just wondering if anyone could tell me anything about this plant? Bought it from the indoor section of the garden centre. It had no information on the pot ! And ideally it’s to be located in the bathroom if possible. Any information would be most appreciated many thanks.

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I'm having trouble deciding whether this is Fatsia japonica, or Fatsehedera lizei - the latter needs support, so if its tied to a cane, and especially if it has more than one stem from the roots, it might be that. Either way, both do fine in medium light conditions, and will grow outdoors in shadier sites - if its Fatsia, it will outgrow the pot very quickly - it reaches about 10 feet high and 6 feet wide in the garden. Fatshedera will always need tying to canes - reaches about 4 feet in the ground, shorter in a pot probably.

31 Oct, 2017


Many thanks for that ?

31 Oct, 2017


I just noticed that should say Fatshedera, not fatsehedera, sorry - its a cross between Fatsia and Ivy actually...

31 Oct, 2017


Definitely xFatshedera.

1 Nov, 2017


Fatshedera lizei I'd say. I have a couple of these too and as Bamboo says, they need to be tied to a cane or support. I've found my 'Annamieke' needs this more than the others.

1 Nov, 2017

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