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By Kasugga

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Can Jeyes Fluid be used on fruit trees?? I’ve read some comments which say it’s illegal.



No, for trees use a copper fungicide, by Bonide if you can. Spray the fruit trees with copper fungicide when they are in blossom, not after the fruit sets. Use Jeyes Fluid to clean off the BBQ Grill or hose out the greenhouse, but not on the plants or fruit trees.

31 Oct, 2017


Vitax have a winter tar wash but I do have my doubts about Jeyes. I would be inclined to contact Jeyes and see what they have to say. You could also contact Armillatox as their soap-based product might be of use.

31 Oct, 2017


Jeyes fluid is now sold as a general anti bacterial for cleaning greenhouses, paths and paving, pots, that sort of thing. The formulation hasn't changed, but they're not allowed to sell it for use on plants under new regulations like they used to, so technically, yes, its illegal for the use you want. Which means the manufacturers will not advise you as to dilution and timings and so on...

31 Oct, 2017


Jeyes Fluid was never formulated or intended to be used for trees as the instructions clearly says to remove or cover all plants before usage. Use copper fungicide by a reputable mfg.

Jeyes Fluid Original 300Ml
Preparation and Usage

31 Oct, 2017

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