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By Wells

Vermont, United States Us

I have some Lycoris bubs out of the ground. They look very healthy and have made bulblets.
Should I store them and plant next year? Or just start over?



No don't life them or throw them away, these particular bulbs are dormant in summer, bloom in fall, and then grow in fall, winter, and spring.

31 Oct, 2017


What species, Wells? Especially if a gift--most species should be overwintered in a cool greenhouse in your area, but a few are hardy enough to leave in the ground, with protection. If it is a hardy species, I would plant them, but be ready to mulch them with evergreen boughs in the coldest part of winter.

1 Nov, 2017


there are 10+ species of Lycoris so which ones are they? I don't know what your weather is like in Vermont so I would keep them frost free.

1 Nov, 2017

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