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I have a established yellow magnolia tree, it is deciduous, rooted and not grafted. 2 months ago I took some semi hardwood cuttings, I followed the advice for sterilization, rooting gel and potting compost, I put several cuttings in one pot. As of today 2 months on, the leaves have fallen off but the buds are green and firm. Do I need to continue keeping them under plastic and misting them, or is it safe to remove the plastic and let them develop naturally, They are kept in a shed that has natural light




If you have mother magnolia outside, why bring baby inside? It's the same tree and has the same growing requirements. Leaf drop isn't a good sign. Scratch away some of the bark. Green=alive, Brown=dead.

3 Nov, 2017


if they are indoors and in an unheated place I would take the plastic off and just make sure they don't dry out. they may well be ok and survive. Has the parent tree shed its leaves? if yes then it is nothing to worry about.

3 Nov, 2017

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