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How do you water outdoor Cyclamen in pots that are planted with other winter flowers or foliage. It water from the bottom but you can't do that with pots?



"Outdoor cyclamen" should be C. hederifolium or C. coum which are naturally outdoor plants and subject to normal rainfall - from above. If you bought your cyclamen in late summer then they will probably be the smaller C. persicum varietes from commercial growers and unlikely to survive a normal winter anyway (at least, not outdoors).

3 Nov, 2017


Agree with Bulbaholic's answer, except to say C. persicum can survive outdoors in our recent mild winters in mild parts of the country (London for instance, we have some in the gardens here that have been in 6 years and spread) but generally, elsewhere, or in a cold winter, they don't last much beyond Christmas.
Either way, water from above, as you would any other planting.

4 Nov, 2017

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