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I have a fairly small garden which has been infested with white fly for the last two summers. The main infestation is on a honeysuckle which I have treated with a home made spray concoction over the summer to keep the population down. I have read that white fly don't die over the winter and imagine that the problem will occur again next year. Should I cut the honeysuckle down or cut back now or wait until spring. If you have any other suggestions, they would be appreciated.



There is a variety of whitefly that will infest honeysuckle outdoors - the only really effective treatment is with a systemic insecticide that lists whitefly as one of the things it treats. You can use a contact insecticide that's less toxic in the environment, but they'll be back the next day.

If you choose a systemic insecticide, do not spray when the plant is in flower.

5 Nov, 2017


Lonicera may be pruned as hard as you want to. Burn the prunings to get rid of over wintering buggits. Trouble is that you may lose flowers for a season. I cut down an evergreen one last year as it was taking over. It has grown as much this year as I removed. Flowered a bit later than normal that is all.

5 Nov, 2017


Thank you.

5 Nov, 2017

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