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I have a pelargardini how do I take cuttings



I cant find this plant at all . do you mean pelargonium, often called bedding geraniums. if so they will need to be kept frost free. I take a non flowering stem about 3-4 inches long using a sharp knife and remove all the lower leaves leaving 2/3 at the top. I leave the stem on the bench over night and next day put it down the side of a pot of a gritty compost. In a typical (cm pot I would put in 4-5 cuttings. They are then kept barely damp but it good light conditions. in about 4-8 weeks there will be roots coming out the bottom of the pot. they then get potted up in their own pots. in spring I increase watering and In late may they get planted outside.

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5 Nov, 2017


Many people find they root more readily in the spring though.

5 Nov, 2017


they do well in the summer too.

5 Nov, 2017

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