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Olearia haastii: I have one about four feet tall behind my Magnolia stellata. The Magnolia has grown more quickly than I expected and the olearia needs to come out. I have a place it can usefully go, so two questions:
First is it worth trying to move it or do I just bin it, and secondly as the Magnolia is very surface rooting am I likely to harm it - would it be better just to cut the Olearia off at the base?



Maybe - how long's the magnolia been planted, and when was the Olearia planted?

6 Nov, 2017


Magnolia stellata at least 7 years and 12 feet across at the widest part and Olearia not a lot younger but compact and 4 feet tall.. That's why I'm concerned about possible damage to its roots when I move the Olearia. I don't mind if I lose the Olearia really as it is a lot duller than I was expecting but have a place it could usefully go if its moveable.

It could stay where it is really but i just fancied using it in another spot that needs a small evergreen that doesn't mind some shade.

7 Nov, 2017


I wouldn't risk disturbing the magnolia roots, personally - and I agree that Olearia haastii is a lot more boring than it looks in the books. I planted one once in someone's garden, took it out again 5 years later, I found it very disappointing, even the flowers aren't that great.

7 Nov, 2017

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