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I have a huge Camelia beside my front door and would really like to reduce its size as it blocks out a lot of light. Can I prune it back severely now or do I need to wait until spring? It flowers Feb-March.



You need to wait - the safest time to prune them is late May, early June,especially if you want to take a fair bit off. Other advice states to only remove a small amount just after flowering, then take some more a couple of months later, then the same the following year. However, I've cut an 8 foot one back by over a third in early June before, and it was fine, so that's what I'd recommend. It won't hurt to clip back a branch or two now if its in the way, but no more than that; remember, right now, you will be cutting off flowers too, because the buds for those will already be present.

7 Nov, 2017


I agree with the advice from Bamboo.

welcome to GoY too.

7 Nov, 2017

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