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A friend is going demented about a plant in the garden of of new rented flat. She chops it down and it just keeps growing and growing. I haven't seen it but she sent a photo which doesn't seem to resemble anything I've ever grown. It's currently about 7ft tall.
Anyone? Please put us out of our misery.




Nice shape & color. It looks like a viburnum but I can't say which one.

8 Nov, 2017


Physocarpus opulifolius 'Diabolo'

8 Nov, 2017


The leaves don't look right for Physocarpus they look like a hazel so Corylus maxima Purpurea would be my guess.

8 Nov, 2017


Yep,Corylus, as Jimmy says - it will just keep growing, no matter how many times its cut down, the majority of plants do. It needs cutting down and the base of the woody stems need drilling into and SBK applying to them to kill it off. If its been cut down many times, unfortunately, there will be lots of thin woody shoots off the main stem at ground level now, so digging around to find a central large root or stem to treat, as well as the others, is probably necessary.

8 Nov, 2017


It the flat is rented your friend needs to check with the landlord before she kills it though. Wild corylus often used to be cut right back (coppiced)regularly. This encourages the growth of new long shoots when were then cut and used for various purposes. So its not surprising that your tree recovers so quickly - that's what they do. The word "copse" derives from this practice.

8 Nov, 2017


Thank you everyone. I will pass this on to my friend.

9 Nov, 2017

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