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Calling all Newbies! Warm welcome to all of you - if you haven't added your county/province etc to your profile please do - it often means we can give you a more accurate answer suitable to your area.



Hello Steragram

Didn't see the space to add the county to my profile . However , I reside in E.Lincolnshire , about 3-miles from the sea .

paulB3 !

12 Nov, 2017


I can't put it on for you -look on your home page - the line to fill in is immediately below yor name.

12 Nov, 2017


Still getting used to this forum , having been on BBC GW and Gard. Corner for a while now .
Have re-edited my profile accordingly ; thanks for that !

13 Nov, 2017


Good for you - wish others would take a leaf from your book!

13 Nov, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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