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I am from Zimbabwe and I am writing an article for primary school children. The article is about ornamental plants. I am looking for pictures of the following:
Dombeya elegans 'Pink Cloud'
an evergreen hedge
a variegated foliage hedge
a golden foliage hedge
a red or purple foliage hedge
a variegated hedge
a flowering hedge

I am looking forward to your response.



You have a lot of homework to do. You best get busy.

14 Nov, 2017


Google's your best friend here - just google 'rose' or 'rose plant'; it should offer a row of images at the top of the page, but you can get more images by clicking on 'Images' at the top instead of 'all'. Do the same with the Dombeya, but typing in the whole name. Do the same with the others, but for the hedges, type in 'hedging plants'. That should show a list of suppliers of hedges for sale, click on various suppliers and look at the pictures available to try to get the ones you want.

I'm not sure how you will produce these pictures other than an online article - you'd need a colour printer to print them off for something physical.

14 Nov, 2017


As above most flowers can easily be sourced on line but you might find the following helpful when searching for hedging. If you have a good local library you may well find some pictures there too. This site doesn't hold stocks of pictures and you would have to send Private Messages to individual members if you wanted to use any that you found here.

For evergreen hedges you might look for Cupressocyparis leylandii, or yew , though there are many more. A good golden hedge to search for is Lonicera nitida Baggesons gold. A good flowering hedge can be made from pyracantha among others.This also has red berries. Red hedges can be made of various varieties of Berberis. Sorry I can't think of a variegated one. Sorry have no idea which if any of these will grow in Zimbabwe though.

14 Nov, 2017


Variegated hedging - Privet, specifically Ligustrum ovalifolium variegatum, as well as Griselinia littoralis 'variegatum', or Euonymus Silver Queen. For red hedging, also check Photinia Red Robin - new leaves are red, though they turn green later, but usually, images of it show new red leaves as well as green ones.

14 Nov, 2017


Kuda, is this article supposed to be about gardens in temperate climates, or gardens in general? The images that you are looking for seem to indicate a focus on a temperate or cool Mediterranean climate.

15 Nov, 2017

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