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Does anybody recognize this bulbous thing I found on my juniper tree? It's soft & pliable like spun silk. Does this look familiar to anybody? Thanks

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Check out bagworm - not the right shape but similar.

14 Nov, 2017


Somewhat similar but not consistent with bag worm.

14 Nov, 2017


could be a spider cocoon either about to have hatchlings or just emptied of hatchlings.

14 Nov, 2017


It's way too cold outside for anything to hatch out now or recently. We've just had a week below freezing (I think it's heading your way). Everything is dead now. Whatever is in here, will most likely hatch out in the Spring. This is still very much alive.

15 Nov, 2017


It looks like a praying mantis egg case, to me. But, if that were true, it should be stiff like foam insulation, once dried.

15 Nov, 2017


That could be it Tugbrethii. It's kinda spongy, like styrofoam, so maybe not completely dried off yet. Looks just like the pictures on Google. I hope that's what it is! They are cool to have around. Thanks for your input.

15 Nov, 2017

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