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By Jo1947

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Anyone know what this plant is called?




A close up of the leaves and stem would help.

15 Nov, 2017


I cant get a clear enough view so close ups would help.
welcome to GoY too.

15 Nov, 2017


Is that an indoor atrium?

16 Nov, 2017


the bit behind looks like a conservatory. the plant appears to be outside.

16 Nov, 2017


It's very attractive, whatever it is!

17 Nov, 2017


Possibly a Lonicera ..the green variety.. ?It looks very similar to mine,which can be used for hedging,or clipped to shape..mine are rounded..There is a golden variety called 'Baggessons Gold'which I wish mine were,but as they were already part of a landscaped area,I left a couple for winter interest and gap fillers..and the rest I replanted as a hedge elsewhere..If it is the green variety,it can be clipped to shape at almost anytime ..sorry,I can't think of anything else it could be ...

18 Nov, 2017


Lonicera nitida does look like the strongest candidate, Bloomer. A close up would clinch it.

19 Nov, 2017

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