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Hebe Addendum.
I was given this plant about 15 months ago and left it in it's pot to overwinter on the patio. I really thought I had lost it as the frosts turned all the leaves nearly black and the whole plant was bare and ill looking in the spring. I repotted it and it has gradually recovered. Does this mean it is not hardy or did it nearly die because it was in a pot and not in the ground? I have stood it in the porch for this winter but it takes up a lot of room. If I plant it in the ground next year will it still need protection?



According to Dobbies, this is rated H4 for hardiness, which means down to -10degC occasionally, but in colder gardens, or gardens with heavy, wet soil all winter, it may well keel over. They also warn that the topgrowth may die back in a cold winter, but if your soil is reasonable and you can find a relatively sheltered spot for it, it'll likely be fine.

17 Nov, 2017


Thank you Bamboo. It didn't flower this year although the foliage recovered well. I'll find a spot for it and plant it in the garden in the spring and just hope for the best.

18 Nov, 2017

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