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Strawberry plants. Was left a tray of sad looking strawberry plants which I have potted up. Can I keep them outside all winter or will they need frost protection? I Could put some fleece over them I suppose?




Hi, all species of Fragaria are fully hardy, native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, but as we've already had a frost, I would just leave them in a sheltered spot outside, try to prevent the pots from freezing, I would bury them up to the rim of the pot in bark chippings or similar, then plant them out next spring, Derek.

18 Nov, 2017


Thanks Derek.

18 Nov, 2017


Also you could trim off a lot of the larger leaves and just leave the smaller ones on ...

19 Nov, 2017


Thank you gnarly gnome. Will do.

19 Nov, 2017

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