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I garden mainly in boxes and planters. after clearing up I find myself with 4 x40galon dust bins of spent compost and soil. How can I revive it to use it next year ?.
I grow everything from lettuce to runner beans, tomatoes, courgettes and border plants this way.



If you had no pest problems you can reuse it by mixing in some more general purpose fertilizer, or if you want to be particular one with higher nitrogen for your green crops and one with higher potash for fruit and flowers.
If you want to play safe and have the space you could empty it and spread it out a bit to search for pests first.
It would be wise to avoid using the same compost for the same crop next year too. Beans don't mind being in the same compost two years running but if you left the old roots in they will have enriched the compost with nitrogen for you so it would be good for brassicas, lettuce etc..

18 Nov, 2017


You can refresh the compost/soil next year by mixing some fresh compost in with your existing soil... take a look at the info on the link to the website below

18 Nov, 2017

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