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By Hank

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Onion sets - nothing at all.

4 weeks ago I bought a lot of onion sets ( Shensu or sensho or something ). I was very late with these as I’d been away for 8 weeks or so - but I has the plot ready and put them in immediately. Should I be worried as there’s no sign at all of any of them growing ?



No not really. the cold snap will have slowed them. Bare in mind that onions left in the ground to flower next year don't have much foliage if any at this time of year. The seed companies wont worry about it. Come spring they will grow away. so don't worry.

19 Nov, 2017


It's hard to say as I'm in NY and the weather has been very cold & snow is on the way. However, by now you should see some sign of life. Pull one up and exam the roots. You should at least see new roots sprouting. Are they still firm & green or soft & mushy?

19 Nov, 2017


Hi Hank, as I think I've told you before Bulba and never had any success with autumn sown onion sets. That said they see to do fine in most places, so just let them be. MG

19 Nov, 2017


Thanks guys for your comments, I’ve grown these onions very successfully for the last two years and they’ve lasted me many months. So I shan’t panic yet and will follow your advice.

19 Nov, 2017

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