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HELP! My Betulia is collapsing. The bottom of the stems are going soggy and bit by bit the plant is falling apart. I have it indoors and do not over water it or leave it sitting in water. It began rotting only a few days after I bought it so I'm guessing it was already infected. Is there anyway I can save what's left of this poor begonia? Any advice greatfully received.



I'd say take it back, Lisa - it doesn't sound too hopeful to me. :-(

How about taking leaf cuttings???

24 Aug, 2010


Oh dear, I thought as much.
With regard to cuttings, do I take leaves or stems?
I'm new to Begonias so still finding my way.
Thanks so much for responding.

25 Aug, 2010


Try cutting a leaf off with a sharp knife and making a hole in gritty compost, then pop it in and firm it.

Also try taking a mature but young leaf and cutting it up into segments - small squares - on a hard surface to avoid damaging the pieces. Each must have a piece of rib/vein in it. Place these on a tray of dampened compost + horticultural grit + vermiculite, with a sheet of glass over it to get some humidity. With any luck, these leaf cuttings will produce babies!

This came from Carol Klein herself - so I hope it works - or you can blame her. lol.

25 Aug, 2010

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