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Leaves turning yellow and falling - Datura


By Delene

Spain Es

I live in Spain and I have a plant called Datura , and the leaves are going yellow and the trumpet like flowers are falling off. Could this be because I have watered it too much now Autumn is here ?




How cold is it where you are, Delene? Do your neighbors have any that you can compare it with? Where I live, it can actually take more water in the winter than in the summer, since its metabolism slows greatly in our extreme summers.

20 Nov, 2017


Here is a website that describes the causes, symptoms & treatment of chlorosis. Poor drainage is certainly one of them.

20 Nov, 2017


It isn't chlorosis, Bathgate, since the older leaves are turning yellow first. There are many causes for this:
Lack of nitrogen. Brugmansias are heavy feeders, so one question to ask yourself, Delene, is "When did I last feed it?"
Lack of water. One way to tell is if it wilts between soakings.
Too much water. Counter-intuitively, nearly the same symptoms occur, due to root damage from lack of oxygen or water molds. The main difference in symptoms is that the wilting continues even after a good soaking. What I am seeing isn't wilted.
Cold stress. It isn't frost damage, but a slowdown in the plant's metabolism due to the daily average temperatures falling below about 15ยบ C.

21 Nov, 2017


i have a related question i guess its ok to leave it here...i grew a varigated datura at 5ft that i bought late summerit never flowered to be honest i think it had spent its life in greenhouse as it was was from private hotel stock that had an amazing garden anda charity sale. To be honest it took so long this year to develop that i had almost given up with it until i saw shoots around september so in the u.k. you know your on to a loser because the autumn is already drawing in it got to about 18" before the cold came then that was it back to the polygreenhouse. Have i any hope of getting this to grow earlier or even flower? i live in surrey not far from wisley.

8 Dec, 2017


I don't know if this is related, but Datura was featured in a very exclusive art exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden. Here is the link.

Weird, Wild & Wonderful!

8 Dec, 2017

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