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flower bulbs that start with an s. they are a annual they have foliage similar to a yucca and a stem about 4 foot high with a clump of small white flowers. very popular with humming birds and monach butterflies.



An annual, Pal? Most bulbs are perennials.
Can you describe the flowers more closely, such as bell shaped or star shaped? Is it a long cluster or a short, round cluster? Does a crushed leaf have an odor, especially oniony or garlicky? Are the leaves pointed or rounded at the tips? Or, can you post a picture in your question?

23 Nov, 2017


I wonder if the questioner means bulbs that are not hardy in his climate but can be grown outdoors as if they were annuals eg many of the South African bulbs. Though, if there are Humming Birds in his garden I would have thought that most blbs would survive as perennials. A photo of he flower that you mean would be most usefull.

23 Nov, 2017


Not necessarily, Bulba--a few species of hummingbirds migrate all the way up into Canada.
I had a sudden rush of memory. I wonder if he means Summer Hyacinth (Galtonia candicans)?

23 Nov, 2017


Thats what I thought of, but didnt know its common name! galtonia?

24 Nov, 2017


Changed now to Ornithogalum candicans by the way.

25 Nov, 2017


Ha! Remember when we used to use botanical names because they never changed? :D

25 Nov, 2017

How do I say thanks?

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