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Olive problem...
We have an Olive in a container in a sunny aspect. Just recently its leaves have started yellowing and some dropping off. Initially i though it may be due to wet roots but have checked and this doesnt seem to be the case. So im wondering if is nutrient deficiency - it is a bit pot bound but not completely. 2 photos attached. Any thoughts gratefully recieved. Thanks

20171123_092603 20171123_092626



The stems look very long and stragely. I suggest placing it in a pot a size larger and trimming it back about one quarter of its length (though I would chop it down by 1/2) to induce a fuller growth. It is important to place it back in the exact same place to avoid shock.

23 Nov, 2017


It looks like magnesium deficiency. What do you usually feed it?

23 Nov, 2017


Thanks - yes i will repot but is that better to do in the Summer? The only feed it has is through occasional addition of compost as i thought Olives tolerate poor soil, If Magnesium is it best to apply Epsom salts?

23 Nov, 2017


A very small amount of Epsom salts, Kentishman. I would mix about a ml of Epsom salts in 4 liters of water, and water the plant with that. Remember that in a pot, a plant can't go out and find nutrients, so it may need more than many composts can provide for it, especially if hot weather necessitates extra watering. At the nursery that I work for, we have to feed the olives every 3 weeks, or they turn yellow and drop leaves. Of course, here in the desert, we have to give them a lot of water! ;)

24 Nov, 2017


Thats great info Tug! Thanks.

24 Nov, 2017


Thats great thanks i have dosed the patient with epsom salts

24 Nov, 2017

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