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Hi gardeners can any one please tell me the names of these two flowers the first one i had last year and selfseeded its leafs are a bit like a carrot leaf The second pis is a flower i have had a few yrs now but cant remember the name thanks

April_fool_106 April_fool_101



The first photo looks like California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) I do not know what the second plant in the 2nd photo is

24 Aug, 2010


Hi Speedy,

The first is indeed a California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) and the second is Astrantia maxima.

24 Aug, 2010


Agree with Ilex

24 Aug, 2010


I have similar plant as the second one but it was identified as Astrantia Major. Is Astrantia major and maxima same plant?

24 Aug, 2010


I like that Astrantia maxima, didn't know what it was, never seen it before, but its lovely.

24 Aug, 2010


I would also call the second Astrantia Major, Aimankay. I have just googled both but don't know if they are different or not.

24 Aug, 2010


Astrantia maxima is a separate species to A. major. Both are very widely available. The flowers are similar but still noticeably different on each species. I'm pretty sure this is not any of the (many!) forms of A. major.

Pic below shows A. maxima:

24 Aug, 2010


certainly agree, the yellow flower is californian poppies.We were given some seeds on holiday in wales about 12 years ago , and they come up every year and seed themselves all over the garden, every one admires them.

24 Aug, 2010


Here is link to the post that I had submitted with pix

I googled and I believe my plant is more close to Astrantia Maxima.

24 Aug, 2010


thanks to all who responded to my pics now that i know the name i asked jeeves and to be honest some of the astrantia maxima and astrantia major are simular to the ones i have in the garden so i am still unsure which one it is thanks again to all for giving me the names of them Andy

25 Aug, 2010

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