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Can you please provide some advise with regards a powdery yellow deposit on some trees in my garden. Not sure what the species in but both are the same and next to each other . I've attached a photo. Thank you , Jill

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Bad news, Jill, it looks like Myrtle Rust (Uredo rangelii). I found this on it:
but I still don't know the best way of managing it.

26 Nov, 2017


It looks like rust in the photos but Gb. describes it as a yellow powder which could be pollen from the flowers?

26 Nov, 2017

Probably the only option would be to eradicate and burn the infected plant ?
Apparently it is spreading throughout your part of the world .

26 Nov, 2017


The spores of myrtle rust are yellow like pollen, Bulba. The giveaway is the distortion of the leaves, and the pustules.
Jill, I found this, from New Zealand:
I hope it helps! :)

27 Nov, 2017

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