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I have a Liqiuidambar who's leaves do not change color in the autumn, but remain green and full well into end December. When snow comes, it catches on the leaves and the weight pulls entire branches down. Incidently, a neighbor also has a Liquidambar who leaves are already yellow and falling off. You can see both my tree and neighbors tree in the photo. But mine is still green with only a smattering of red near the top. We have already several frosts and I fear a heavy snow this year will break more branches. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do?





Is your tree growing in a shaded spot and protected by the frost etc from other trees ?....

you get the best colours when they are grown without competition for light

26 Nov, 2017


I have to agree with Gnarly gnome. Your tree had not been exposed to the light and cold so most of the leaves don't change colour, just the usual leaf drop in the autumn. Soil acidity can also improve autumn leaf colour.

26 Nov, 2017


As the others say, you've obviously managed, without meaning to, to find the most sheltered and warm spot in the garden, which is also why the leaves don't all drop early enough.

Other than pruning out the lower branches (which might spoil its shape) there's little you can do other than go out and shake the snow off at least daily if there's lots of it.

26 Nov, 2017


Jimmytheone is 100% correct here ; soil pH is of the utmost importance .

26 Nov, 2017


Thank you all for your comments! It's now one month later (December 26) and the leaves are all still green. I noticed that some narricisum are coming out around the tree roots, but nowhere else in my garden. So I guess this is the warm spot of the garden! I will test the soil acidity. A big thank you for you help!

26 Dec, 2017

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