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Orchid Query


By Alan9


I was given an orchid a couple of years ago & it bloomed well during the 1st season. It hasn't had any flowers on it this year & I was about to discard the plant when I noticed that a new leaf was appearing. Please could you tell me how I should look after it now in the hope that it will flower again next year. Should I put it into a bigger pot at this time of year to enclose all the greyish roots or leave it as it is? What about watering? I don't know what kind of orchid it is but it came from a supermarket.

Many thanks for your help.





It looks like it hasn't been getting quite enough light, and it looks like it is just about ready for a larger pot. Other than that, it looks pretty healthy. I would start by re-potting it into a pot 5 cm bigger than the one it's in, feeding it, and moving it right in front of a window with an open north exposure, an east or west facing window with sheer curtains, or under 100w equivalent artificial light. Late February, use ice cubes to water it, since the chilling stimulates flower spike formation.

27 Nov, 2017


When you do that put it in another transparent pot and use orchid compost. You can water it sometimes with a little orchid food.

27 Nov, 2017


Many thanks to Tugbrethil & Steragram for your replies. I'll get some orchid compost from my local garden centre & do as you suggest.


29 Nov, 2017

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