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Hi, I am looking for a hedge or screening plant for 15mtrs in length but don't want it to grow any higher than 6ft and due to the narrow front garden I don't want it to thick in width,I have looked at Leylandii but have read that it destroys underground drainage due to the large roots it produces and speed it grows, can you recommend a plant that suits my needs, please see photo of the frontage I want to cover running along the inside of the brick wall,




Whatever is recommended I would suggest that the plants be potted rather than dug in, that is a very narrow space.

27 Nov, 2017


A hedge of Encore Azaleas might work. Most top out at 4 feet, evergreen, gorgeous variety of color to choose from, shallow rooted, very well behaved shrubs, won't destroy the walkway, blooms several times a year, evergreen, no pruning. Here's a link.

27 Nov, 2017


The only thing I can think of is Ilex crenata but it would be pretty expensive to plant a long run of it.

27 Nov, 2017


I would go for Ligustrum japonicum, (privet). Although not the most exciting shrub, I don't think it will have a too vigorous root system. But to be on the safe side, you could dig a planting trench and install some 'Rootguard' along the building side to make sure that no roots undermine your property.

27 Nov, 2017


I would use either a 'Robusta Green' or 'Blue Point' Juniper, though those need lots of sun.

27 Nov, 2017


Lonicera nitida fits the bill, but you'd have to keep it well trimmed widthways - the variety 'Baggesen's Gold' has yellow foliage, and there's a newer one called Lemon Beauty with green and yellow leaves. It's an evergreen shrub with small leaves, max height if left unpruned 1-1.5 metres

27 Nov, 2017

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