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24-08-10 Plant ID Please with botanical names if possible.

1st one appeared few weeks ago.

2nd one appeared few weeks ago too. Initially, I thought it was montbretia but it has different look compared to montbretia that I have been trying to get rid of near this plant. I have seen some other plants like it around the one above today.

3rd one again looked to me like Montbretia but I am not sure if it is one.

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Hi there,

None of these are Crocosmia (Monbretia is a common name for one form of Crocosmia), that much is certain!

The first looks like Parsley. The third could be an Agapanthus, although it's hard to be sure based purely on the foliage. The second could be almost anything at this stage of growth....

24 Aug, 2010


I agree that the first looks like parsley, no idea on the other one!

24 Aug, 2010


I agree the parsley (curled leaf variety).
The second looks like bluebells, but mine are all resting at this time of year and are not visible anywhere.
The third also looks like some sort of bulb but it's flagging as if it's been transplanted and not settled in yet. Could it be something like Nerine? If so it'll die back soon, then produce pink flowers, if it's happy enough to manage it.

Deffo not montbretia (one of my mortal enemies...)

24 Aug, 2010


Second's a Grape Hyacinth. Muscari, they often start sending up leaves at this time of year.

24 Aug, 2010


I thought the first one was parsley too (must admit I had a wee chuckle, wondering why you didn't recognise it)
I thought the 2nd and third belonged to those little hyacinths.

25 Aug, 2010


Thanks people.

Donna, I don't think I have ever used parsley of this type in any of our cooking. If it was corriander or mint then I would definitely recognise them. Saying that I had felt that it was probably some sort of herb but wasn't sure as we also have chives which we don't use. I have planted mint in the garden and it's doing fine but corriander not so.

27 Aug, 2010


I think coriander probably needs to be grown in a pot on a window sill where you live.

27 Aug, 2010

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