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Our T.mysorensis Must have heard me threaten it with an axe in a couple of months.As I told my wife in the plants hearing it been here for 3-4 years without more than 1 flower I think that was the first year to confirm what it was. However within a week of this threat we had 75 flower spikes what an amazing display. and they are still coming.
What I would like to know is any pruning tips It is growing over a big pegoda. Should I thin the growth above as this maybe getting about 40cm thick above the top and it can spead to about 4.5 m x 3.0 My wife had planted another vine but now said it can go! T.Mysorensis is spectuular.
Does anyone know how lonn is its flowering season for Townsville. Thanks tru Brent.

On plant Thunbergia mysorensis



Looks like it can be shy to flower. It is a very pretty vine. Most of the comments I Googled were not from UK. GoY has comments, not many and most not from UK . Comes from India. Suggest you trawl Google for the info you require.

25 Aug, 2010

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