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I want to plant a wisteria Royal Blue next Spring and would like advice on where to plant it. I know they need lots of sunshine and sheltered area. I have two walls that I could plant it.
1. South East Facing wall with lots of sunshine but and exposed area which sometimes gets strong winds.
2. North West Facing wall which gets some sunshine but not as much which is less exposed and more sheltered.
Which wall do you think would be best to plant it?



I can't find a cultivar called 'Royal Blue' - there's a Royal Purple, but not royal blue.

Anyway, I would plant it on the sunniest wall - although Wisteria will tolerate light shade, you often find the flowering stems make their way to the top of the wall and dangle on the other side, so that the neighbours get the flowers rather than you. That could be avoided by judicious training and pruning if the wall is very high though, but you haven't said how high it is. Make sure you affix a strong support system in place prior to planting, such as a solid, rigid trellis, firmly fixed to the wall using wood battens, not a collapsible trellis, it won't support the weight and may blow down if you plant against the sunnier wall. Info on Wisteria generally below, you'll need to copy and paste into your browser

6 Dec, 2017

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