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I have started making my own compost but I’m new at it so any advice is welcome. One question do I need to put worms in the compost as I don’t have many where the compost bin is.



See above...

5 Dec, 2017


Good advice Tab. but grass clippings and the like at this time of year are not going to be available very often.

7 Dec, 2017


Grass clippings are available if like mine you are still mowing, even the worms in the bin are near the top as its been so mild, as regards the worms Folly, don't worry about not having any yet, if you have positioned the bin onto the earth they will work there way up and work their magic, if you really are impatient you can buy them from Amazon but I really wouldn't bother....

7 Dec, 2017


Noe-one as cut their grass up here for about a month now, it just depends where you live...

7 Dec, 2017


Hi Moongrower, no I don't suppose you have but around here we have been lucky so far,the lawns are still growing, have roses, nicotiana, osteo's fuschia's, helianthemum and many more still in flower, which are now being joined by the hellebores and primroses, its been a really weird year all round. Might all change tomorrow as the snow is s'posed to reach us by lunchtime.

9 Dec, 2017

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