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Hi all,
I just bought two blueberry bushes(vaccinium corymbosum).Well, at first i only got one then i read its label and it said plant two or more bushes to ensure i went and got another plant. But both are of the same variety. Is that ok. Or am i supposed to get a different variety for pollination. Can anyone please help.



You should be fine with the two vaccinum just be aware of their growing needs and just how big they grow!

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7 Dec, 2017


Thanks Moon grower ?

7 Dec, 2017


I agree with Mg. They need a pH of 4.8 to 5.2. You can cross pollinate with any other kind of blueberry so long as they blossom at the same time but vaccinium corymbosum is hard to beat so I would get the same kind. It's a superior blueberry in Northeastern US & Canada. We love our blueberries. If you want to make incredible blueberry muffins, have blueberry pancakes on Sunday morning - or just make a cold blueberry smoothie after a long day, I'd get another vaccinium corymbosum.

7 Dec, 2017


Thank you bathgate for your input. I did read about the blueberries and their love for acidic soil. That is going to be a challenge for me..our soil is mostly alkaline. I am planning to grow them in a big container with acidic compost mixed in soil.

7 Dec, 2017


They can be grown in a pot but need lots of attention. If the soil dries out just once, you'll loose your whole crop or they will taste off. Container also places limitations on yield so consider 2 or 3 additional plants.

7 Dec, 2017


They still should be two different varieties that bloom at the same time, though.

8 Dec, 2017

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