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Needing help!!!
Need to know how to care for this plant, and what the cold tolerance is
The ticket on it says
El Woodii/Mylar
Filter sunlight, keep evenly moist
Can't find it on the Internet idk why




Try looking for 'Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Ellwoodii'. It is a garden conifer, grows in most conditions and will reach about ten feet in height.

8 Dec, 2017


You're seems to be set up as an indoor Christmas decoration. As such all you can do is follow the advice given when you bought it. Personally I think it is unlikely to survive long in the house so just enjoy whilst you can. You can try planting out afterwards following the info about the tree when you Google it, if you have the space for in your garden.

8 Dec, 2017


If you want to keep it the best advice is to plant it outside now rather than later.

10 Dec, 2017

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