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I have a plantWhich I think is Darmera peltata

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I have a plant
Which I think is Darmera peltata, but it has blue and white flowers could this be the same, I did not plant this it just started growing a year after we moved in"




Might be Nicandra physalodes, also called the shoo fly plant

8 Dec, 2017


Definitely not Darmera peltata; that has individual leaves with a central stalk, like umbrellas. ID not coming to mind at the moment, hope someone else knows!

8 Dec, 2017


My Shoo fly have all died back with the frost and been cut down but if Bamboo is right, and the leaves do look the same, mine had tiny, tiny black "spots" on the leaves. A good tell tale when they're first coming up.

8 Dec, 2017


The flowers are the easiest to ID it by... there's an image of those in the link, but you're right, Thorneyside, in many parts of the country, Nicandra will have shrivelled back with the frost, though here, only this last week... my pelargoniums are still in full throttle, covered in flowers outdoors on my windowsill.

9 Dec, 2017


I've never seen such a big specimen of the Shoo- fly plant, though the smaller leaves certainly look like it. A fost will soon put paid to it I think.

11 Dec, 2017

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