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Can I put ashes from a coal fire on my compost heap ?



The answer is a resounding no, absolutely not, not anywhere in the garden either where things are growing.

9 Dec, 2017


Hi, welcome to GoY, I agree with above, but what you can do with them, is put them on any icy paths you have in this snowy weather, it helps you get a better grip on snow and ice, of course you will have to sweep them up when no longer needed,?, Derek.

9 Dec, 2017


Unless of course you are prepared to wait 20 years or so for the ashes to lose any toxicity. Much of my Limestone rock garden is made up of the ashes thrown under the original hedge from 40 or so years ago before there was a rubbish collection here. Still find nails and bits of coal when I plant things.

9 Dec, 2017


Better to go with wood ash.

9 Dec, 2017


Coal ashes to my recollection are very hard and that's not good. Wood ashes are soft and that's ok but do not add to much since it might make your compost alkaline.

10 Dec, 2017

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