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what kind of powder goes on a flower?



Hi, nice to meet you!

12 Dec, 2017


Hi, Ct! Good to meet you, too!
I am a bit confused by the question, though. Do you mean an insecticide or fungicide dust? If so, what kind of flower, with what kind of problem? Or do you mean something else?

12 Dec, 2017


Hi Ct and welcome to GoY, like Tugb. I'd like more info before trying to answer your question. Answer could be as simple as pollen but more info needed first.

12 Dec, 2017


If its a yellow powder on the petals its almost certainly pollen

13 Dec, 2017


Not all pollen in yellow Stera.

14 Dec, 2017


I can't remember seeing another colour! What have I missed?

14 Dec, 2017


Orange on a dandelion for a start...

15 Dec, 2017


White on other plants and bright red/orange on some Crocus

15 Dec, 2017


Ive seen bright orange come to think. of it......and yes,my pale pink Christmas cactus has almost white. Must learn to think before writing!

15 Dec, 2017


Scilla siberica has blue pollen. I don't know if we are helping, though, Ct. You can answer our questions by writing in a comment, just as if you were answering your own question. Then maybe we can say something a little more sensible. Maybe more of the back story would help.

16 Dec, 2017



17 Dec, 2017

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