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Can i use home made compost for planting bulbs?
Thank you.



If you mean in the ground, and mixing your compost into the soil, yes. If you mean in pots, only if your compost has been produced using a hot aerobic method, which means you turned it at least every week and it got hot because you did that.

13 Dec, 2017


sur ya can. We hillbillies ain't call it black gold fer nuttin'

13 Dec, 2017


Agree with Bamboo if planting in ground yes, pots no - too many weed seeds. Rather late to be planting bulbs if you are thinking of ones for spring.

13 Dec, 2017


It is too strong to use on its own in pots but could be mixed with loam and grit.

13 Dec, 2017


I understood your question as "planting" in the ground. Yes, it's too late for that as mentioned above. However, if you force bloom for indoor display, use standard potting soil.

13 Dec, 2017

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