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When I did a slight prune on my Weigela 'Victoria' back in September I stuck a few stems in a pot. I noticed last week the roots are growing out of the bottom of the pot so should I repot now or leave till spring. The pot is outside as it is but I have room in one of my coldrames if I repot.




I would leave it alone for now. It's already acclimated to your outdoors. Repot in the Spring just before it wakes up. It's in dormancy now so it won't do anything. Changing the temperature, light or moving it now would only stress the plant.

15 Dec, 2017


I would insulate the pot, however, by burying it or wrapping it in bubble wrap.

16 Dec, 2017


Thanks for that. I will leave till spring to repot but might just put it in a coldframe in the meantime as we had -3 again today.

16 Dec, 2017

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