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indoor amaryllis. I have done the usual and in the past bought prepared bulbs for flowering indoors. I followed instructions to try and get them to reflower but the foliage doesn't seem to die down in the summer even though I stop the watering. I cut the foliage off in September and left them out of compost in the greenhouse until October when they started to show growth. They were then potted and have been indoors but though here is foliage there is no signs of a flower stem. What am I doing wrong?



nothing really, but I tend to find they re flower for me in May. there are some good blogs on here about them and their needs for re-flowering.

17 Dec, 2017


Balcony is your man for this see his blogs or send him a pm. He will give you lots of info. Did you feed the bulb with high potassium fertilizer after flowering?

17 Dec, 2017


thanks for info. will have a look. but no I didn't feed them. will pretend they flowered this year and then feed about February.

17 Dec, 2017


Hi Barbara, I have sent you a couple of PMs about the care of Amaryllis & how to go about getting them to flower year after year.

28 Dec, 2017

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