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Succulent that looks like pebbles.
Name this plant please!
My daughter has taken an interest in succulents which she grows indoors. She has asked me to look out for one that looks like stones but I can't find such a thing in the local garden centres.
Thank you



Quite simply it is called the Pebble Plant - 'Lithops karasmontana'. A nice, easy plant to grow.

18 Dec, 2017


There are lots of different kinds of Lithops. They have pretty flowers :)

18 Dec, 2017


Wrong time of year to find plants in GC's they're all pushing Christmas 'stuff' just keep looking and you'll find.

18 Dec, 2017


Thanks everyone. I know what I'm looking for now!

18 Dec, 2017


Also Split Rock (Pleiospilos), and Window Plant (Fenestraria).

20 Dec, 2017


Don't think those names are used in the UK Tug.

20 Dec, 2017


Well, whatever the common name, those genera have many members that imitate rocks in their native habitat. Some species of Haworthia, such as H. pygmaea also imitate stones, and a few cacti make a good imitation, too, such as Ariocarpus species.

21 Dec, 2017

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