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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom Gb

Identification please.
Was given this shrub as a present on Saturday night by dinner guests. Looks very familiar but no label on it. Thanks.




It is a skimmia but as to which variety it is not able to say.

18 Dec, 2017


Thanks. I think it’s probably Japonica.

18 Dec, 2017


These shrubs are lovely for flower arranging, it will look lovely in the garden :o))

18 Dec, 2017


Skimmia japonica 'Rubella'. Looks like male flowers.

18 Dec, 2017


It will be S japonica but again variety name is a guess. How can you tell they are male when they aren't open Jimmy? Is it because the buds are red and therefore likely to be 'Rubella'? I do have a red tinged budded one which is Merlot.

18 Dec, 2017


The flowers on the male variety are very small and what I have seen of Merlot, the plant seems to be a lot smaller. Besides, the market is usually flooded with them at this time of the year. Yes, it might be supposition but this is best I can do at the moment.

18 Dec, 2017


Yes Merlot is a compact variety and I have 2 in pots so they are doing fine in that site. I had a look at the other skimmia in my garden and the buds on the female flowered ones are a similar size to merlot. But I guess you could well be right in your supposition about the way the gc are full of the red budded ones at this time of year. :o)

20 Dec, 2017

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